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                        Sensei Francisa & Sensei Wayne

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Balance is considered important in the Martial Arts. Our teaching methods draw on the principles of Yin & Yang, which includes hard & soft, strong & delicate, and fast & slow. These attributes to help our students to become more rounded.


                                     Sensei Francisa 6th Dan 

         Board Breaking Demonstration Proves To All That 'Size Does Not Matter'

                                                            Children & Teachers Watching Board Breaking in Total Concentration 

How My Karate Journey Began

My karate journey began in Sydney when I was in the late  stage of high school. To my surprise, karate caught my interest even though sports was something that I used to shun. 

Being the youngest in my family, I was sheltered and cared for. I recalled when I was little, I would hide behind my mother whenever I felt unsafe. But as I grew older, I was still shy and rather timid, perhaps it's due to my small stature too. I knew I had to find a way to fend for myself, so I gave karate a try.

Karate Paved The Way To My Independence 

To my astonishment, karate training helped me through my late teen and my young adult life. It has improved me both physically and psychologically. And most of all, I was able to feel safe and comfortable in my body.

After the taste of some success, it led me to train even harder. The more I train, the more improvements I made on all aspects of my life. Then soon enough, I felt good about my confidence, self esteem and resilience. Best of all, the independence I longed for,

Fast forwarding to now, my karate journey has been a dream come true. I am strong and healthy, I can achieve whatever I desire, and I am unstoppable in pursuit of the best life ever. 

Finding Inspirations From Shotokan Karate & Other Martial Art Disciplines 

While studying Shotokan Karate, I trained with a variety of Martial Arts disciplines to gain more knowledge. I am open minded about learning from other styles and schools because they all have unique ideas and teaching methods. 

Deepening My Appreciation For Martial Arts

There is a treasure trove of knowledge that I can learn from other martial art disciplines to extract techniques that suit me and also learn what I can pass on to my students. I have trained under Kung Fu Masters, Filipino Eskrima Instructors, Benny 'The Jet' Urquidez (karate/Full Contact Kick Boxer), Kendo and teachers of other karate styles. 

I was very privileged to train under some of the best martial art legends such as Kanazawa Sensei, Maruo Sensei, Sensei Graham Austin, Enoeda Sensei, and Bill 'Superfoot' Wallace (Full Contact Undefeated World Champion", to name a few.

Travels, Training & Championships 

I continue to travel Australia, and overseas, to participate in karate training with the finest teachers. My most memorable experiences include Japan, England, Spain, Italy, Hong Kong, and Mexico training under different karate masters, competing in championships, and forming friendships along the way.

Karate has been a huge part of my life, teaching me invaluable life lessons and how to be unstoppable. This is what I can pass on to you.

 “Endorsement by highly respected international instructor”

"I am certain that all members and parents fully appreciate what a gem they have in Francisa, both as a human being and as a karate teacher. So please allow me to simply add my sincerest and heartfelt admiration to you Francisa.

No one deserves the rank of ‘Sensei’ more than you. You have developed into a totally accomplished teacher with true talent."

                                                   Graham Austin, 7th Dan

                                  Japan Karate Academy , United Kingdom



                              Sensei Wayne 7th Dan

Rule 101: Always Learn From The Best & The Most Innovative 'Teachers'

                                               Sensei Wayne Encourages Teens & Adults To Develop Effective Speed & Power

Learning From The Best & The Most Innovative Teachers Was My Light Globe Moment In Life

As far back as high school, I discovered that some teachers just had that special knack of teaching & enthusing their students. Their love of the subject and wanting us to do well, was both infectious and inspiring. Quite naturally, they were the type of teachers that I was drawn to.

Years later, when studying karate, I travelled the world seeking out the very best karate teachers. My martial art adventures took me to England, Japan, Switzerland, New Zealand, Spain, Mexico, and all around Australia.

What Being A National Coach Taught Me 

For several years I was National Coach of a large International karate organisation. I visited clubs in N.S.W., Queensland, Tasmania, Victoria, South Australia, Western Australia, and the A.C.T., to teach training courses, conduct karate examinations, assess progress and listen to local & interstate instructors.

Easily the biggest lesson learned from being National Coach is 'the one size fits all' approach is definitely not the best way to teach and improve anyone, anytime. 

Many years of experience has taught me that teachers need to appreciate both Strengths & Weaknesses of individuals, and design their training programs with their students at the very forefront of their mind. 

Championships And Learning About Yourself

Without a shadow of a doubt, competition can bring out the best in you. It's an excellent way to test yourself against others and learn to cope with anxiety.

It can teach good sportsmanship, how to lose well and how to be humble in victory. These are all admirable qualities for life. 

Kara-Te-Do ( The Way Of Karate) - The Missing Piece Of The Puzzle

After more than half a century studying, practicing, promoting and teaching karate, I have come to understand that different people practice karate for different reasons.

So what do I mean by this? Well before travelling to Japan to study with Masters in their own villages, karate to me was a physical activity that equipped people to kick, punch, strike, and maybe enter a tournament or two to compete against like-minded karate people from other clubs. 

Then in 1982 on my first trip to Japan, everything changed for me when I visited many karate clubs both in Tokyo and in the rural areas. 

I was immediately taken by the kindness that followed tough & rigorous training sessions. Clearly, I had discovered a philosophy here that was the missing piece of the puzzle. 

Karate has both hard & soft but this Hard & Soft is too often seen only through the lens of Training. In fact, it's quite common to practice Soft blocks & Hard counters to maximise the effect of strike or kick. But now I was seeing Hard & Soft as a hard 'take no prisoners' attitude in class, with a soft 'kindness & considerations' after class.

My eyes were opened to where we needed to head back home in Australia & that's where my new focus was.

Japan Sister Dojo Since 1982 

I immediately set about making formal ties between the Japan karate group under the guidance of Maruo Sensei 9th Dan, and our Australian organisation. The wheels were now set in motion for a fantastic relationship that would see Japanese groups visit Australia & Australian groups visit Japan.

In fact when the World Championship was held in Utsonomia Japan, as head coach of the team, I convinced the Australian team travel by train from Tokyo to the Southern Island to enjoy training, festivals and many parties.

Our Japanese friends looked after us like we were Royalty. I am sure that no Australian member regretted their decision to visit Kyushu. It was fantastic.

Why You Should Seriously Consider Learning Karate

I have seen for myself that people practice karate for many different & varied reasons. Self defence is often cited as the main reason, then comes fitness and often third on the list "To make Friendships ". All are good reasons, and a great example of how different people enjoying the same activity have different goals. 

To me, that's the wonder of karate. As long as you approach it with the correct mindset, you can enjoy it for many years and it will serve you well.

My aim is always to instil the love of this amazing Japanese Martial Art and for people to want to follow it all their lives. This is known as 'The Way Of Karate'.


                                    Friendship & collaborations Over 40 Years

'Despite coming from different karate organisations, Sensei Wayne & I developed respect and appreciation for each other's ideas and philosophies, and have been friends for over 40 years.

Francisa & Wayne have integrity and honesty, true to the spirit of 'Bushido'.

                                                             Darryl Balderston, 6th Dan

                                                 Koshido Karate Organisation, Sydney

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Sensei Francisa Fosters 'The You Can Do It Too' Spirit

                        Sensei Francisa fosters the 'You Can Do It Too' Spirit

We have taught karate members that have gone on to become successful in a wide range of careers that includes business, the military, medicine, music, engineering, law, education, and other vocations that help make society a better place with their principles, good ethics, and kind hearts.

You can use Karate to channel your energy towards everything in your life.

Join us for an unforgettable experience and have Fun while you train.

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