The Female Spirit Within                                                               


Francisa Miller

4-Time Australian Karate Champion &

World Championship Bronze Medalist 

Saturday 29 May, 3pm to 4pm       

St Margaret's Hall, Oak St, Bellingen

* What If You Could Transform Yourself From Being Vulnerable To Invincible 

* Imagine Discovering The Resilience You Never Knew You Had

* Maybe You Struggle To Be Heard, Now Is The Time To Be The Architect Of Your Life

Francisa will share what enabled her to overcome her shyness & vulnerability.

Imagine being only 4'11" tall it would be absolutely impossible to ever be competitive at karate sparring on a high level, where size & reach matters.

She will share how she went against all odds to became a

4-time National Karate Champion and Karate World Championship Bronze Medalist. 

Be Inspired and Empowered 

You Will Discover How To:

* Make Right Choices To Protect Your Safety

* Develop A Mind Of Steel & Resilience

* Overcome Challenges

* And Much More ...

For women of all ages.

Male family & friends are more than welcome too!