Our Classes

We don't just break boards, we break barriers

Through our classes you will improve your fitness, mental health, have more energy and focus, become more confident, and of course learn self-defence.

Our classes are designed to provide a variety of practical applications to improve your body, mind & spirit.

Yes, how about breaking down barriers that have held you back in life? And you will enjoy the wonderful camaraderie with other students.

Beginners Classes 

If you have never practiced karate before, we offer an introductory 2-day beginners course, where you will learn the fundamentals of karate and ease your way into training. 

During these sessions we will determine the best method to teach you, as each person has different ways of learning. This is where our knowledge and experience from our training, teaching and coaching become invaluable.

Intermediate & Advanced Classes 

Have you dreamt of being a black belt? Would you like to compete? We have methods to train you to become a black belt no matter who you are. Yes, it will require you to work for it, but with our step by step system, we are here to make your dream come true.

Special Workshop & Seminars    

Enjoy our special workshops and seminars that cover life-skills that go beyond karate, such as:

  • Empowering Women in Career & Life. Learn how Francisa broke down conditioned beliefs and barriers to win a medal in the World Championships and coaching numerous women to discover their inner powers.
  • Leadership Workshop: Lead Your Life & Lead Your Team
  • Mental Focus For Increased Performance In School, Business and Life
  • And more to be announced

The Japan Experience 

We have direct lineage with our Sister Dojo in Japan through Maruo Sensei, Fumiko Sensei & Fumiyuki Sensei, which makes your experience all the more profound.

You will be learning authentic Japanese karate that respects the traditions, language & culture of Japan. 

Our training is designed with the individual as well as the four seasons in mind. Spring (Haru 春), Summer (Natsu 夏), Autumn (Aki 秋), and Winter (Fuyu 冬) are celebrated in Japan.

You'll experience a smattering of Japanese in the class to remind us that our club is steeped in tradition from Japan. 

We hold fantastic social events in Bellingen with Japanese food.

And, you may even be able to come along on our trips to Japan and train in Tokyo and Kyushu. 

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