We ran a highly successful karate school in Sydney before embarking on our new adventure by moving to the Coffs Coast.

The love of this beautiful region attracted us to make the move away from the 'big smoke'. We are thrilled to continue our karate journey and share it with you.

We strive to offer the best Traditional Japanese Karate through modern training methods, together with an open-minded approach to learning.

Our aim is to provide the finest coaching possible, drawn from our experience of training with the World's greatest masters, plus successfully competing at World Championship level. It is this knowledge that we offer our students.

International Friendships & Alliances

We keep in close contact with our karate friends and instructors in Australia and around the world with the latest coaching developments.

Marko Sensei - Sister Dojo Kyushu, Japan

Maruo Sensei's lineage can be traced back directly to Funakoshi Gichin, the founder of modern karate.

In fact Maruo Sensei received his black belt from this important Karate Master.

Our wonderful relationship with our Japan Sister Dojo commenced in 1982. This was a time when foreigners were rarely seen in the quiet rural village where Maruo Sensei lived. He and his wife Fumiko Sensei took us under their wings and have been an inspiration to us ever since.

               Maruo Sensei 9th Dan - Sister Dojo Kyushu, Japan

Another very important connection is the highly regarded karate teacher, Sensei Graham Austin from the United Kingdom. He was the Assistant Chief Instructor for the International Japan Karate Association and he provides a wealth of knowledge.

Sensei Graham has been instrumental in combining modern teaching techniques with traditional Japanese karate. We are indebted to him for his invaluable guidance in helping make Fuji Karate Club a success.

Sensei Graham Austin from the United Kingdom

         Sensei Graham Austin 7th Dan , United Kingdom

Students That Have Become Black Belts

An achievement that we are extremely proud of is the high number and high quality of black belt students that we have produced over the years.

Another achievement that we are delighted with is to have multiple generation family members gaining their black belts with us.

We hope to see you training with us to reach your goal of black belt too.