Graham Austin - 7th Dan  Instructor JKA 
United Kingdom

"What a gem they have in Francisa"

"I am certain that all members and parents fully appreciate what a gem they have in Francisa, both as a human being and as a karate teacher. So please allow me to simply add my sincerest and heartfelt admiration to you Francisa.

No one deserves the rank of 'Sensei' more than you. You have developed into a totally accomplished teacher with true talent"

Sam Hughes - Engineer 

"Invaluable skills that I draw upon every single day"

"I trained at Fuji Karate club from age 6 to 19 and I gained invaluable skills and experiences that I still draw upon every single day.

Sensei Wayne and Sensei Francisa teach a high standard of Traditional Shotokan karate that I have not found to be matched elsewhere in Australia. 

I grew physically fit, strong and capable and was shown how to enjoy pushing my physical limits safely and without injury. This has empowered me to travel Australia for physically demanding and rewarding work opportunities, and to seek new challenges I would otherwise have never considered."

Perminda Sandhu - Lawyer 

"Happy Parents Sees Three Children Transformed & Became Black Belts"

"We have been a part of the Fuji family for almost 10 years now and have had the immense privilege of having Sensei Wayne and Sensei Francisa guide our children in the art and discipline of karate.

We have witnessed our children develop their confidence, self discipline and physical strength which has allowed them to achieve their black belts.

The club fosters all the great qualities of karate-do as well as holding regular social gatherings for families of club members"

John Martindale - Biologist

"Instrumental To The Way My Children Grown To Adulthood"

" I have been interested in the martial arts for many years and particularly with Shotokan Karate and its complex philosophy. It has formed part of my life and that of my three children over the last 20 years at Fuji Karate Club. 

Sensei Wayne and  Sensei Francisa are among the most experienced and respected in Australia having represented the country overseas.They hold high karate grades and have close personal connections with the founders of traditional karate in Japan.

Their heart is with their students and furthering the karate way of life (karate-do). I am proud to call them my friends and together they were instrumental over the years in the way my children have grown to adulthood. 

Darryl Balderston 6th Dan Koshido Karate Jutsu Sydney

Darryl Balderston 6th Dan Koshido Karate Jutsu Sydney

"Friendship & Collaborations Over 40 Years"

" Despite coming from different karate organisations, Sensei Wayne & I developed respect and appreciation for each others ideas & philosophies. We have been friends for more than 40 years. 

Francisa & Wayne hold a deep respect for the traditions, values and ways of the Martial Arts. This is something that is rare today, and for which I regard them highly. Finding teachers willing & able to go that extra mile for their students is truly admirable.

They have integrity and honesty, true to the spirit of Bushido.

Francisa & Wayne have exemplary morals & character, and there is no one that I trust more than them.