Bellingen Fuji Karate Club

Where Bodies Are Strengthened, Minds Are Sharpened And Black Belts Are Made

Whether you are a seasoned black belt or have never tried karate before...

Experience life-enhancing training under the caring coaching of Sensei Wayne (7th Dan, National Coach, 3-time National Champion, and World Championship bronze medalist) and Sensei Francisa (6th Dan, 4-time National Champion and World Championship bronze medalist). 

Learn Authentic Japanese Karate That Honours The Traditions, Language & Culture Of Japan To:

  • Calm a busy mind for greater focused performance at school or at work.
  • Improve your physical fitness and mental health. 
  • Have more energy and vitality.
  • Use self-defense for a confident and peaceful journey throughout your life.
  • Develop self-reliance, resilience, respect for others and yourself.
  • Learn invaluable life-lessons that, for example, transformed Sensei Francisa from a shy & timid teenager to going against   all odds and becoming a 4-time National Champion and World Championship Bronze medalist being only 4'11.
  • Earn a black belt in shorter time than you might have thought possible.
  • Be part of our journeys to Japan and our Sister Dojo in Japan.
  • Participate in our wonderful social events embracing Japanese traditions.
  • And much, much more.

“Sensei Wayne and Sensei Francisa were instrumental over the years in the way my children have grown to adulthood.”

John Martindale - Biologist


                 We are Sensei Francisa & Sensei Wayne. Or as we have affectionately been called;


                                                                              "The Yin & Yang Team".  

Our teaching methods do indeed draw on the principles of Yin & Yang, which include hard & soft, strong & delicate, and fast & slow. 

Throughout our extensive studies under legendary karate masters, as well as having competed in numerous national and international tournaments, we have learned to practice good sportsmanship in losses, humility in wins, and appreciate how karate is beneficial on so many levels.

Here at Bellingen Karate, we embrace your individual strengths and weaknesses, and design training programs with you in mind.

You will quickly notice how, not only your fitness improves, but also your confidence, self-reliance, and ability to channel energy towards your goals with ever greater determination.

We look forward to welcoming you to our karate club and helping guide you on your Martial Art Journey.


Yes, what ever your age and even if you have never played sports  before, come and experience the beauty of karate & the supportive atmosphere and camraderie at Bellingen Fuji Karate Club.


Want to make that dream of getting a black belt a reality? Want to get in top shape for a tournament and develop a champion mindset? We are here for you to make it happen.


Enjoy workshops, seminar series and special events, such as:

  • Breaking The Barriers Of Your Mind
  • From Timid To Unstoppable
  • Overcoming Adversity In Life
  • Female Empowerment For A Healthy Life And Career
  • Developing The Teenage Mind, Body And Spirit
  • Japanese Cultural Celebrations
  • Exclusive Travels To Japan
  • And Much More

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“My many years of training with Sensei Wayne and Sensei Francisa empowered me to travel Australia for physically demanding work opportunities, and to seek new challenges I would otherwise have never considered.


I gained mental focus to complete a degree in engineering, and was shown how persistence, commitment and thoughtful goal setting can lead to dramatic improvements in my career, as as well as in my relationships and in overcoming everyday challenges."

                                                     Sam Hughes - Engineer